Ok ok y’all!! It is my birthday and I am super excited about it. If you know me a tad bit well, you would know I love birthdays especially mine. I love that I am growing older and wiser, but most importantly I love the experiences I have or may have each year even if they are bad or good! I am always grateful for each year. So in light of my birthday, I wanted to share 27 things you probably do not know about me. I found these questions online and thought they would be fun to answer and share with y’all!

My African print coat dress was custom-made in Ghana by Unik Lukz.

1.I’m happiest when…when I am with the people I love 

2. …Especially if it…involves food! (Yes I am a foodie)

3. I’ve always wanted to…visit all 7 Continents before I turn 30

4. I was a terrible…math and geography student (I still can’t read a map)

5. My first job was…when I went to work for my sister as her nanny for 4 months before I started college (oh yes she paid me!). I watched her twin boys and that paid for my first semester in college.

6. I could probably eat…. CAKE and ICE-CREAM all year! Favorite flavor COCONUT!

7.Favorite non-alcoholic drink? Flavored hot tea

8.Did you grow up in the city or country? City of Accra, Ghana, and then moved to the US at 17

9.What’s one thing you’re really good at cooking? I cook a lot and I make a really good Ghanaian Jollof rice lol!

10.Kisses or hugs? Both


11. I was born on the same day as…Pharell Williams

12. Favorite Color….. Green and hints of Purple

13. My all-time favorite film is… I don’t have any! I tend to forget them not long after I watch them. But I do like drama, action, comedy and sci-fi

14. I’m still mad…we didn’t get to visit the Maldives on our trip to Dubai. It is only 4 hours away!

15. I met my husband…when we both lived in the same neighborhood as kids, but reconnected when I moved to the states via Facebook. The rest is history and a happy ever after.

16. Favorite things I like to do; Travel, Eating and lots of Kissing!

17. I always knew I wanted…to get married and travel the world.

18. I’m not afraid to…go skydiving, maybe I am a tiny bit. But I really want to.

19. I have almost no…patience for slow minded people. I just can not deal.

20. I always cry when…when I feel helpless.

21. I’m (now) a Georgia Peach, but I definitely identify with my Chicago peeps.

22. I spent 3 years…completing my undergraduate education in Applied Psychology and a minor in Sociology.

23. I wish my folks…lived next door (my husband may disagree lol).

24. At 5, I was deeply in love with reading, I would and could read as many story books I could find.

25. I believe if everyone was a bit more generous, kind and smiled a lot more, the world would be a much better place.

26. I can’t stand… people who lie for no darn reason! They lie when they start to speak.

27. Whenever any of my tv shows  are on (I watch a lot of shows and still have no favorites ), I’ll watch it. (Be sure not to disturb!)



Coat Dress( Custom made by Unik Lukz)// Shoes (Justfab)// Bag (Similar Here)

Photo by ; www.hellonell.com

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