(Shenel and I)

Happy Sunday y’all! This is not a fashion post but it is a post that I promise you would love! It is all about HAIR!!! Ladies, you and I both know the struggle when it comes to getting our hair styled for events and if you are anything like me, the straighteners and curling wands are never our best-friends. So I present to you COLOUR; a new on location styling experience that would bring you your own stylist to your home at an affordable price. And did I mention it includes gratuity too?? Keep reading, I am about to spill all the tea about this amazing service. 


What is COLOUR? An in home styling app created by women of color for women of color specializing in natural or relaxed hair at affordable prices.

How it Works? You Click, They Style and You Slay! It is as easy as that. Now let me explain;

  1. You first download the IOS app Here (If you are an android user, click on their website Here to book your appointment)
  2. Select the service you want
  3. Select appointment date
  4. Your stylist arrives ON TIME at your desired location ready to style you pre-washed hair.
  5. Then you slay whatever hair style service you selected.

That sounds super easy doesn’t it? Between being a wife, work, blogging and the gym, 24 hr’s in a day doesn’t seem to cut it. So now in my life, I am all about convenience, heck I hardly ever go to the mall anymore because shopping online seems a lot easier than driving out, parking and looking through many items. Lets just say that I love convenience and if it comes at an affordable price why not? The minute I discovered Colour, I knew I wanted them to style my hair for a wedding I had earlier this month. I booked my appointment for a Sunday at 11:30, Shenel arrived on time even when it was raining heavily outside. She styled my hair and got me looking fabulous for the wedding the hubby and I had to attend later that evening. Because of the services provided by Colour, I did not have to worry about the rain messing up my hair. Ladies this service will change your life lol!

(Make-up Free)

As you can see, even though Colour specializes in natural or relaxed, I have hair extensions on my head and my stylist Shenel was able to style it just the way I wanted . Needless to say, they can style your sew-in’s as well. All that is required of you is to just wash your hair and have it dried up before they arrive.

One cool thing! You can have them on retainer as well for only $200 a month which includes unlimited blowouts and hair styling services. It gives you that celebrity hair styling service at a fraction of the cost.

They now serve the Atlanta area but are expanding! Book your service today and you would not regret it.

Final hair style with makeup on ha!


  1. Yawa Sarpong
    December 12, 2016 / 12:57 pm

    I know..but the website attached works great too.

  2. fally
    December 11, 2016 / 10:52 am

    Great post! Too bad they don’t have the app for android users!

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