I am going to admit, this post is a whole month late, but better late than never right? A month and a half ago, the hubby and I decided on a stay-cation in Adaisrville, Ga at the Barnsley resort. We couldn’t believe this little gem we had found just about an hour and a half away from Atlanta. It had the prettiest garden and these historic ruins I took these photos at. I love history so I definitely loved shooting at the ruins. It was also probably the coldest day this season and I was bent on wearing this floral maxi dress.  I wore this entire look to dinner later that night and it received the loveliest compliments. 

Now, I know it is so cold now, but why toss away our beloved maxi dresses? I never let go of all my summer dresses, instead I find multiple ways I can restyle them in the colder months. Wearing a maxi dress in the winter is very doable. Definitely wear a jacket, [preferably a warm leather jacket like I have on here and finish your look with a pair of booties. Add a scarf if need be, but truly a jacket and a pair of booties will do just fine. Happy styling!!!


Looking forward to reading your comments