Oh Happy New Year Loves! I am a whole week late but better late than never. I must admit I have officially started my new year today because it has been a crazy and exciting past two weeks for my family and I and I just couldn’t bring myself to forgo the many responsibilities that comes with it to create genuine content for you. But here I am excited to hear about your new year resolutions (if you have any) to me sharing mine. Just like I mentioned last new year, I have no resolutions this year and I am actually liking the fact that I don’t have to make any. But I must tell you this, I can sum my last year in three words; HARD, EXHAUSTION & ANXIETY. That is how my 2017 was in a nutshell, and even though I had a few enjoyable moments and I landed amazing collaborations that actually paid, it was a very difficult year. Somehow, I feel 2018 will be my amazing year yet because for once I am surrounded by the most genuine and honest humans my life needs right now. So cheers to an amazing 2018 to us all.

Let’s talk fashion shall we? I believe we can agree this weather has been very disrespectful. It is freezing in the South and that rarely happens. But thank God for oversize knits and over-the-knee boots. Because of my my wide hips, finding a sweater dress that fitted loosely was hard to find. Imagine my excitement when I found this on Asos. It is the perfect length and fits just the way I like it. Paired it with these Steve Madden embroidered boots and belt to accentuate my small waist. Do you love oversize knits? Find outfit details below.


Sweater// Otk Boots// Bag// Belt

Looking forward to reading your comments