Let me let you in on my little “secret”- I HATE PANTS. Yea I know hate is a pretty strong word, but I truly do hate pants especially JEANS. If I could, I would live in skirts and dresses my entire life. Yet, jeans and dressy pants are essential pieces in every girl’s closet and even though I hate to admit, they aren’t so bad after all. The only reason why I ‘HATE’ pants/jeans is because it is almost impossible to find any that will go past my wide hips and still fit around my small waist. Now do you understand my dilemma? It takes forever for me to find the perfect jeans/pants or heck jumpsuits. However, Express or New York and Company has me covered when it comes to my jeans purchases. But not with pants, so my struggle continues.

I do not necessarily hate pants/jeans, but searching for the perfect pair can cause me so much stress I would rather avoid it. But today, I am wearing a two piece pant set that I absolutely love! I love love love love today’s outfit. And that is only because they were custom-made (SURPRISE!) My solution to finding ‘perfect’ pants will be to have them custom-made. Now you and I both know that custom-made clothes can be somewhat expensive, but with a body like mine finding the perfect anything may come at a cost . These were not as expensive because I had them made in Ghana by my trusted seamstress I find truly gifted. I can’t deny these make me look gorgeous, maybe I may wear pants more often now. Where do you buy your perfect jeans/pants? I could definitely do with your suggestions. Anyhow I am off to enjoy my holiday weekend. Have a fun one and Happy Friday!


Pants Set (Custom-Made by Unik Lukz)// Shoes (So Kate)// Bag (Here)// Hat (Here)


  1. Eugene peprah
    May 26, 2017 / 3:07 pm

    Loving the color blend and contrast between the vintage background and mordern look. The hat bridges those two. Gorgeous look, and picture quality is dope.
    Keep it up

  2. Dia
    May 26, 2017 / 11:11 am

    Are we back to the scene of a crime??? Meanwhile you know I CAN AND WANT TO live in pants lol… I absolutely love this!👏

Looking forward to reading your comments