Hey y’all! Today I am sharing a new way I keep my teeth looking pearly white without giving away all of my $$$$ to the dentist. In the past, I have stayed away from whitening kits because of my overly sensitive teeth. My best option to getting pearly white teeth at the time was to visit the dentist. Now imagine my excitement when I found out about Smile Brilliant.

What is Smile Brilliant? They provide custom fitted whitening trays at 70% less than what you would pay at the dentist for a teeth whitening service. They ship their kits worldwide while saving you tons of money and countless trips to the dentist.

How it works? After receiving an order of a Smile Brilliant kit, you would find detailed directions on how to create your teeth impressions and how to mail them back in return for your custom trays. In your kit , you would also find teeth whitening and desensitizing gels which helps with teeth sensitivity. I believe I received my trays in about 7-10 days.

08241622361Photo credit @AliyaPatrice

Here is a great example of what the impressions look like. Also, you can watch a tutorial on how to create your impressions and whiten with Smile Brilliant Here.

img_0930Custom fitted trays

11031620361Step by Step directions (Photo credit; @aliyapatrice)

After receiving whitening trays, you would then begin your teeth whitening process. The kit provides step by step directions on how to get your desired pearly white teeth. However, because of my teeth sensitivity, I used the desensitizing gel an hour prior to using the whitening gel. What I loved most about the Smile Brilliant kit, was the fact that I experienced little to no sensitivity during the process. Read more on sensitive teeth Here.

Here are my results after three 45 minutes long applications.



I am definitely loving the results of this kit. And because I love y’all, Smile Brilliant has been kind enough to give away a kit retailed value at $139, to one lucky follower. Now all you have to do is fill out your name Here, and Smile Brilliant will pick one lucky follower. But wait there is more, you can get 5% off your kit by using code; stilettosandpearls5

Have a lovely week y’all!



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