Oh these are one of the days where I wish I was back home in Ghana while celebrating Easter Monday with family and friends. I miss having Easter break but hey, I am here and should definitely make the  most of my Monday even if it means spending the day at work while my friends and family back home are on the beach or having an amazing picnic somewhere. I hope y’all had an amazing Easter nonetheless.

Today, I am styling the traditional Ghanaian smock also known as Batakari gifted to me by a friend. This smock originates from the Northern part of Ghana. It is a unique traditional piece, hand-woven and worn mostly by northern Ghanaian’s. The fabric of the Ghanaian smock is somewhat heavy, but perfect for Spring. Until recently, the smock was only worn by the northern chiefs of Ghana as well as elders. It represents a symbolic royal feature in the Northern part of Ghana and I am so glad that my friend who had visited recently gifted me this piece. Ideally I would have styled it with a colorful pointed closed toe heel, but unfortunately, my foot is still healing from a recent car accident and I can only wear open toe heels for now. I love that I still added a pop of color with my sandal heels and most importantly I am gushing over the pockets this smock comes with lol. I then added a belt to my outfit to create a much more defined waist line. It is usually worn without a belt but here I am making it work for me because I love my belts lol. I hope my little history here helped 🙂 .  Are you familiar with Batakari? Enjoy!


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