Happy Friday y’all! Just to think that I had my whole life together, the weather along with being crippled in bed the past weekend because of Strep has been quite the challenge. However, I am excited to share my experience with the 2017 Toyota Avalon during my time in Portland. Was away for a weekend getaway and this courtesy car from Toyota made my trip even more amazing.  This 4 door sedan had an amazing and gorgeous interior with plush leather seats and front row heated seats along with a spacious second row. Lest not forget the safety features of this amazing car. It had a pre collision system along with pedestrian recognition keeping you and pedestrians safe. My favorite feature of all would be lane departure alert which helped me stay in my lane if I ever drifted off. 

 Second row seats are spacious enough to host another couple if need be. It was such a comfortable car to ride in while touring the streets of Portland

Being in a new city, we found the navigation system to be quite helpful and accurate.

The highlight of my trip was driving through the curvy hilly roads of Portland to the Pittock Mansion to get the amazing city view of Portland.

I hated saying goodbye to this car at the end of my trip and if I ever was shopping for a new car, I would definitely be considering this.

Looking forward to reading your comments