It’s the morning after Valentine’s day and some of us are feeling a lot more loved! I am just excited about all the yummy pastries and candy that will be on major sale today lol. Either way, I hope we all had a great valentines day! Before I dive into all things fashion related, I wanted to share with you a personal struggle I have faced lately.

Now some of y’all know I love my heels and I would basically live in them if I could, but the past month has been really hard because I have not been able to wear any of my heels because of a recent car accident. But as much as I miss my heels, I am in no rush to wear them if my foot isn’t ready yet. However, I must confess that my biggest challenge to not wearing heels is being able to put outfits together for the blog as well as any occasion I may be attending. I never realized how much I depended on my heels till now! It really has been an emotional as well as a physical roller-coaster for me, but I thank God I am alive. So with that being said, you will be seeing me in lots of flat shoes till I am able to wear my heels I so miss.

 Anyhow, today I am sharing my go to winter basics with a touch of an Ankara (African print) bag on the blog. During the winter months, we mostly gravitate towards neutral colors, and as much as I love neutrals, vibrant colors are more my thing. So to add a bit of color to my outfit, I accessorized with this vibrant Ankara bag which reminds me so much of spring. Looking forward to wearing it more in the summer as well. Have a lovely rest of the week.

Style Tip; Basic black pumps or nude pumps will take this look from day to night.


Bag (Danflowfashion)// Sweater  (Macys)// Jeans (Express) // Boots (Calvin Kleins)// Jacket (Boohoo)


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